How to choose the right size of collar?

Measure the circumference of dog's neck with a slight clearance. The ideal is to collar the dog's neck and gave tuck finger. The collar should sit, but not constricting. In general, the measured circumference of the neck, we add:

  • by small breeds: + 5 – 6 cm
  • by medium breeds: + 7 – 8 cm
  • by large breeds: + 8 – 10 cm

This is the way to find out the total length of the collar, which is always in the description given for each collar. When you order the collar is also better to report breed, age and length of neck, to double-check that you selected the correct length of collar. Collar and leads is possible to add (push into the skin) your dog name or your phone number (for a fee). Please note that this modified good cannot be returned or exchanged.

The leather collars and leads we recommend you to care about and clean them with available products for the skin. Products may discover differences in the color or pattern of the skin, which is not a defect, but a guarantee of the right of natural material.

All listed prices is always for your orientation only and collar are therefore approximate. The exact price according to special options different from the basic specification, you will always receive e-mail from us and we will wait for your approval.

Guidance tables:


Neck circumferenceLength of Collar
17 – 20 cm25 cm
21 – 25 cm30 cm
26 – 29 cm35 cm
30 – 34 cm40 cm
34 – 38 cm45 cm
39 – 44 cm55 cm
45 – 48 cm60 cm
49 – 53 cm65 cm
54 – 58 cm70 cm
59 – 63 cm75 cm
64 – 68 cm80 cm


Neck circumferenceBreed
21 – 26 cmItalian Greyhound…
27 – 32 cmWhippet, Basenji…
30 – 35 cmWhippet, Basenji, Saluka female, Azawakh, Greyhound, Galgo, Sloughi…
31 – 36 cmSaluka, Azawakh, Greyhound, Sloughi, Galgo…
35 – 40 cmGreyhound, Hungarian Greyhound, Large Saluka, Azawakh, Sloughi, Polish Greyhound…
39 – 44 cmGreyhound,  Hungarian Greyhound, Polish Greyhound , Deerhound, Barzoj…